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San Fernando, Cadiz, Spain.

4-14 June 2012


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Royal Observatory of the Spanish Navy



International Association of Geomagnetism and Aeronomy

Spanish Ministry of Defense - Spanish Navy

San Fernando City Council

Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness

The workshop:



We inform you that due to a conflict between pilots an IBERIA airline, the former are going to be on strike every Monday and Friday until July 20, 2012. Generally speaking this drawback will affect those who travel with IBERIA but most probably should affect to those who travel with IBERIA from Madrid to Jerez. Please, we recommend you to travel by train from Madrid to Jerez (the possibilities are available in Practicalities/How to reach the place in this website).


The place and what you find around it:





In August 2009, IAGA accepted the proposition that designated the Royal Observatory of the Spanish Navy at San Fernando (Cádiz), Spain, as the host for the XVth IAGA Workshop on Geomagnetic Observatory Instruments, Data Acquisition, and Processing.

Royal Naval Institute and Observatory in San Fernando

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The aim of the XVth IAGA Workshop on Geomagnetic Observatory Instruments, Data Acquisition and Processing will focus on the exchange of experimental and theoretical information associated with observations of the Earth's magnetic field at Geomagnetic Observatories.The fundamental goal of the Workshop is the exchange of information, tools, and experience related to the methodology of such observations.

All observatory institutes, universities, private companies and any other institute that might operate magnetometers of various types (variometers, etc.) are encouraged to consider their participation.

The workshop consists of two parts: measurement session and scientific session. The Measurement Session will comprise comparative magnetic measurements using DI-flux Theodolites and scalar magnetometers. Scalar magnetometer frequency test will also be possible. Training concerned with the absolute measurements will be organized. Measurement Sessions are planned to be carried out at the Geomagnetic Observatory located at La Barca de La Florida (about 60km from San Fernando city).

Magnetic observatories are undergoing important transformations in order to address the evolving needs of the various scientific communities using observatory data (geomagnetic modeling, space weather, space physics, etc.) the Scientific Session will include the following group of topics:

It will be held at Bahía Sur Hotel located in San Fernando (Cádiz) close to the Royal Observatory of the Spanish Navy, from 11 till 13 June.

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Geomagnetic Observatory from the Spanish Navy Royal Observatory

Historical background:

The Royal Observatory of the Spanish Navy (ROA) in San Fernando (Cádiz) started its first absolute observation series in 1879 but a continuous time recording would not begin until 1891 (SFS1). From then onward, an almost continuous recording of the magnetic components has been carried out.

At late seventies, the railway electrifying motivated a very important interference that obliged to move to another site in 1978 (SFS2). This new site was located 10km apart from the observatory.

The amplitude of the perturbations increased in SFS2. In order to fulfill a higher level of precision, the geomagnetic observatory moved, on 2004, to the present location (SFS3) in the army stud farm of Garrapilos in La Barca de la Florida (Jerez-Cádiz) located about 60km NE from its first emplacement.

Cádiz location

SFS1, SFS2 and SF3 location

Geomagnetic Observatory Information:

Station Id: SFS

Co-latitude: 53.333º

Longitude: 354.055º

Elevation: 111m

SFS3 Geomagnetic Observatory

Geomagnetic Instruments:



Variometer house temperature controlled by remote air conditioning equipment.

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June, 4


June, 5

    Welcome and registration. Opening measurement session.

June, 6-8

    Measurement session.

June, 9

    Tour to Seville.

June, 10

    Free day.

June, 11-12

    Scientific session.

June, 13

    Scientific session and closing remarks.

June, 14


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To help preparing the agenda for measurement sessions a pre-registration deadline is set: February 1, 2012.

Please, fill out the pre-registration form and send it to "Turysur Travel" agency by FAX or e-mail, with subject "Pre-registration".

          Turysur Travel
          Phone: +34-956 846 221
          FAX: +34-956 958 263
          E_mail:  with subject: Pre-registration

Pre-registration deadline: February 1, 2012.

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For registration, please, fill out the registration form and send it to "Turysur Travel" by Fax or E-mail, with subject "Registration".

You have to pay the registration fee according wih the Table below. Payment will be made through "Turysur Travel".

Registration fee covers the meeting rooms and their facilities, secretary desk, coffee breaks, a banquet, transportation to and from the Geomagnetic Observatory for the measurement sessions and the book of abstracts (digital form).


    Up to April 27, 2012

    After April 27, 2012

          Whole workshop

          180 Euros

          240 Euros

          Scientific session only

          150 Euros

          210 Euros


          100 Euros

          160 Euros


Reduced rate registration deadline: April 27, 2012.

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Booking room


For booking, please, fill out the booking form document (download from the workshop website) and send it to "Turysur Travel" agency by FAX or e-mail, with subject "Booking".

Participants should arrange for their lodging, meals and dinners through "Turysur travel" agency directly. LOC has arranged rooms for participants.

Please take into account that San Fernando (Cádiz) is a very popular tourist area, so the acceptance of booking after April 27, 2012 will depend on the availability of rooms and can therefore not be guaranteed.

Bahía Sur Hotel

Double room


          Bahía Sur Hotel prices

          Double room (bed and breakfast)

          78 Euros

          Double room-single use (bed and breakfast)

          78 Euros

          Double room (half board)

          114 Euros

          Double room (full board)

          150 Euros

          Double room-single use (half board)

          96 Euros

          Double room-single use (full board)

          114 Euros


The hotel room has to be paid to "Turysur travel" agency. Additional expenses for drinks, phone, etc. will be paid by each participant individually at hotel reception desk. Payment with most of credit cards is possible.

Booking room deadline: April 27, 2012.

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Method of payment


Registration and room payment will be made through "Turysur Travel" agency by:

        Holder of account:

    Turysur Travel

        Name of the bank:

    Caixa Bank


    ES27 2100 5767 6102 0005 6141



        Transfer name:

    IAGA Workshop 2012 Registration with participant's name or

    IAGA Workshop 2012 Booking with participant's name.

IMPORTANT: please, send a copy of the bank transfer by FAX o e-mail to Turysur Travel.

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Financial support


It is expected to grant some researchers from developing countries and/or students selected on basis of objective criteria. Grants could cover different aspects as: registration, travel, or lodging depending on funds availability. To apply for financial support you have to:

          (a) Pre-register for the workshop.

          (b) Submit at least one abstract.

          (c) Submit your CV and a financial support application by e-mail to with subject: "Financial support".

Remind that all these actions should be performed before February 1, 2012.

Financial support criteria will be based on CV, the quality of the abstract submitted, instruments brought for inter-comparison, geographical balance and scientific merits of the participation. As funds are limited and it is very likely that full support will not be possible, priority will be given to eligible applicants requiring only partial support (e.g. registration fee or subsistence).

All participants who have been approved for financial support have to coordinate the reception of this economic help with the LOC.

Financial support request deadline: February 1, 2012.

Final decision on financial support request: March 1, 2012.

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Abstract submission

Participants who wish to give a presentation (oral or poster) must submit an abstract in the following format:

Abstracts should not exceed one A4 format page. It must be prepared in English as a Microsoft Word file. We strongly recommend to use the sample abstract document as template.

The abstract will be sent by e-mail to the address with subject: "Abstract".

Sample abstract click here

Abstract submission deadline: March 1, 2012


A pre-conference program will be available on-line by late May 2012, and provided with the registration packets in digital form upon arrival. The pre-conference program will contain a schedule of the scientific sessions as well as copies of all abstracts submitted by the abstract deadline. We are planning to publish the papers presented at the workshop as a post-conference proceedings volume. All papers should be written in English. The formatting requirements will be published at later date.

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Committees and Contacts

International Organizing Committe:


Arnaud Chulliat

    Institut de Physique du Globe de Paris, France



Manuel Catalán

    Royal Observatory of the Spanish Navy, Spain



Mioara Mandea

    Centre National d'Etudes Spatiales, Paris, France

Aude Chambodut

    School and Earth Science Observatory (EOST - Strasbourg), France

Jeffrey J. Love

    U.S. Geological Survey, USA

Pavel Hejda

    Institut of Geophysics of the ASCR, Czech Republic

Pieter Kotze

    Hermanus Magnetic Observatory, South Africa

Juan José Curto

    Ebro Observatory, Spain

Hans-Joaquim Linthe

    GeoForschungsZentrum Postdam, Germany

Christopher W. Turbitt

    British Geological Survey, United Kingdom

Local Committee:

J. Martín Dávila

M. Catalán

M. Larrán

J. A. Peña

J. Gallego

For further information, please contact:

Manuel Catalán
tel.: +34 956 545 607

Manuel Larrán
tel.: +34 956 599 270


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February 1, 2012


February 1, 2012

    Financial support request

March 1, 2012

    Final decision on financial support request

March 1, 2012

    Abstract submission

April 1, 2012

    Abstract acceptance

April 27, 2012

    Reduced rate registration

April 27, 2012

    Booking room

May, 2012

    Third circular and pre-conference program publication

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